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Parent & Tot (2-3 ½ years)

Designed for parent-child interaction, this class combines a playful atmosphere with a structured lesson plan. Each class will have instructor guided songs, an activity and gym skill of the week, free exploration, pit time, hand stamps, and lots of fun! Classes are 45 minutes. Children must be 2 years old; parents (caregivers) must be 18 or older.

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Gym Kids 1 (3 ½ – Preschool)

Children will “flip, laugh, and wonder” at the fun they are having while learning basic gymnastics skills and vocabulary. Using a variety of preschool sized apparatus, children will develop strength, coordination, and self-confidence while learning how to be safe and have fun in the gym. Classes are 45 minutes.

Gym Kids 2 (Kindergarten)

Building on the basics of Gym Kids 1, children will add more skills (and words) to their gymnastics repertoire. The strength and flexibility they develop will go a long way toward mastering other sports as well. Smiles and laughter are expected. Classes are 1 hour.

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