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Preschool Playtime (ages 2-KG)

January 26, 2022 @ 10:15 am – 11:15 am

Visit the Customer Portal to complete the required pre-registration.


Registration via the Customer Portal guarantees your child a spot during Preschool Playtime on your selected day/time. Payment (cash only) is due when you arrive at the gym on the day you selected. 


  1. Advance registration is required and capacity is limited.
  2. Cash payment is due upon entry. 
  3. If you cannot make your scheduled day/time, please notify us in advance. No call/no shows may be charged $8.00 for each child registered for Preschool Playtime.
  4. Children under 2 or in 1st grade and up will not be permitted to enter the building during Preschool Playtime. 
  5. Payment for Preschool Playtime will not be refunded/credited for any reason.
  6. Those exhibiting signs of illness will not be able to participate, no exceptions.
  7. A face mask covering the mouth and nose must be worn for the entire visit, regardless of vaccination status. Please make sure you and your child are comfortable keeping a mask on during the entire visit prior to registering for Preschool Playtime. This policy is strictly enforced.
  8. Stay with your child at all times. Please do not bring reading material, work, laptops, tablets, etc. with you. This is a time for you to have fun and interact with your child. You are responsible for the safety of your child while in the gym.
  9. Keep all clothing and personal items in the cubbies.
  10. Please keep all food and drinks in the lobby. We do not allow food, gum, or drinks of any kind in the gym. This includes water and baby bottles.
  11. There is a changing table in the front bathroom. Please dispose of diapers in the garbage can outside.
  12. Pit Rules:
    1. Do not throw children or objects into the pit.
    2. Teach children to jump in feet first. Jumping onto other body parts can cause injury.
  13. Safety:
    1. Remember that some of the equipment is unfamiliar to your children.
    2. Keep a close eye on them when they are jumping down from heights, walking on a high balance beam, swinging on a bar, etc.
    3. There is no rough play allowed in the gym. Remind older children to be cautious while playing around younger children.
    4. Adults are not allowed to play on the gymnastics equipment with the exception of the foam pit.
    5. There is no running allowed in the back portion of the gym (anything past the blue tumble track).
  14. The chalk trampoline, high bars and rings, exercise balls, vault tables, and anything else with a sign are OFF LIMITS.
  15. Mats should never be bent/folded. Doing so could cause damage to the equipment. Please encourage children to return mats to their original place when finished with them.

If you have questions, please talk to the staff member in charge. Thank you!

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