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Prairie Gymnastics Club uses a no contract, pay by the month registration system. Our year-round program has the following benefits:

  • No long-term commitments
  • Smaller monthly payments
  • Eliminate the hassle of registering every 9-12 weeks
  • Ensure your child never loses their spot in their favorite class

Click here to view/register for classes in our online Parent Portal.

Click here to view and print our Release & Waiver of Liability form.

Click here to view and print our Registration Form.

Click here to view and print our Drop Request Form.


  • Prairie staff will find the class that best fits your child’s skill level and provide you with instructions for how to use the online Parent Portal. The Parent Portal allows you to view your account, make payments, and register for future classes.
  • If you register once a class has already started, you will pay the pro-rated cost for that month. After that, your account will be billed the monthly payment on the 28th for the upcoming month.
  • Everyone is required to have a credit/debit card on file. Each family has the opportunity to pay by the 27th of the prior month with another form of payment. You will receive an e-mailed statement which will serve as a reminder that payment is due. If your payment has not been received by the 27th, the card on file will be charged on the 28th for the upcoming month. If for any reason the card is declined, a $10.00 handling charge will be assessed and you will have until the 1st of the month to make the payment or your child’s spot in class may be forfeited.
  • Your gymnast will be evaluated periodically during the school year to be sure they are in the proper class for their age and skill level. You will be informed at that time if a class change is needed.
  • Tuition is budgeted on a 48-week year which allows for a Holiday Break in December as well as Spring and Summer Breaks. We do not charge more for ‘long’ months, nor less for ‘short’ months.
  • There is no contract. If at any time you wish to drop from the program, simply complete and submit our short drop request form at least 10 days prior to the end of the month. If you fail to give a 10 day written notice, you will be charged and therefore enrolled in the upcoming month.
  • Annual Registration Fee: All members of Prairie Gymnastics Club are required to pay a yearly registration fee of $30.00 due with your first registration and paid yearly on the anniversary month of enrollment.

Make up / Refunds / Inclement Weather

  • Consistency is the key to progress in gymnastics. We encourage all students to attend their regularly scheduled class. In the event of illness or an emergency, we offer one make-up per month (within that month), subject to availability. Make ups must be pre-arranged with the front office staff and scheduled after the missed class occurs.
  • If for any reason you are unhappy with our program, we offer a full tuition refund for withdrawal within the first week.
  • In the event of bad weather, we post cancellations on our Facebook page, our website, and on our answering machine at (630) 406-6803. We will reschedule and/or offer make-ups for any cancelled classes.


  • Parents are welcome to observe classes from the balcony at any time, but we request that you refrain from making comments to your children during class time.
  • Any children in the lobby or balcony must be directly supervised by an adult at all times. We encourage you to bring activities for quiet play.
  • Please help us keep our facility tidy by putting trash and recyclables in the designated bins and by putting away toys and books. THANK YOU!!!

Safety Rules

    • No one is allowed in the gym without an instructor. All children in the waiting or viewing areas must be supervised by an adult.
    • No food, gum, or drinks are allowed in the gym.
    • Personal items should be left in cubby holes. Jewelry should not be worn during classes. PLEASE LEAVE JEWELRY ARTICLES AND OTHER VALUABLES AT HOME. This facility’s staff will not be responsible for ANY items that may be lost or stolen. Be sure your student’s personal items are marked with their name.
    • Glasses must be securely fastened.
    • Hair must be pulled neatly and securely away from the face so that it stays up for the entire class. Children should not wear bows or other hair ornaments as they may cause discomfort during activity.
    • Please arrive a few minutes before your class time so you are ready for warm-ups. Proper warm-up exercises add to both the safety and success of every gymnastics activity.
    • Please make every effort to be on time at pick up and inform us if you know you will be late. Instruct your child to wait inside the building until you arrive. You should escort them from the building to your car. During peak times the parking lot is crowded. Please take into consideration that our students may include young children. Drive slowly and carefully. Do not take a chance on your child running to and from your car.
    • Our balcony is open for observation during all classes. Please NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY for the safety of our students.


      • Girls – Gymnastics leotards are preferred. There is a great selection of leotards available for purchase in our lobby. No sports bras, no tights that cover the feet, and no skirts. 
      • Boys – Shorts or sweatpants with an elastic waistband, and a t-shirt (tucked in).
      • Footwear – Bare feet or gymnastics slippers
      • Everyone – No oversized or loose fitting clothing. No jeans, buckles, buttons, snaps, zippers, etc.
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